I managed to restore all my sources, so I uploaded the sources for v0.53 - not yet v0.6: I'm still fiddling with the handwriting recognition. Coming soon as an installable version...

Project Description

The Entourage (Pocket) Edge (tm) system is great to keep notes when on the move, on business or in school - however, it stores all ink strokes in a proprietary format and does not offer handwriting recognition. In order to keep notes sorted, searchable and potentially turned into text, there is hardly a system that can beat OneNote - so why not combine the two?
The EdgeJournalImporter allows you to import "ESJ" files as created by the Entourage system and add them to a OneNote section of your choice, where the strokes can be treated in the same way as ink strokes directly added to OneNote

Check out the documentation page for usage instructions and track changes

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