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The latest version of the EdgeSync (former ESJImporter) has been specifically designed to automate the journal synchronisation between the Edge and OneNote. It allows you to convert Edge Journals either directly from the Edge or from another source into OneNote drawings that can then be converted to text etc. The current version does not yet allow backward conversion though.

NOTE: EdgeSync requires your OneNote notebook to be in a 2007 compatible format - this is no problem for OneNote 2010 users either, just read the instructions in the FAQ.


  1. Installation
  2. Main window
  3. Synchronisation
    1. Managing partnerships
    2. Synchronising all partnerships
    3. Synchronising selected journals
    4. Usage recommendations
  4. Viewing
    1. View Edge Journals
    2. View OneNote content
    3. Go to OneNote
  5. Preferences
    1. Folders for partnerships
    2. Stroke width, colour, placement
  6. Checking for updates
  7. FAQ

Known Issues

  • EXCEPTION 0x8004200B: Due to a compatibility issue, the exception arises when the selected OneNote notebook is not compatible with OneNote 2007 (i.e. when you are using OneNote2010) - please save the notebook in 2007 compatible format (see instructions here:
  • OneNote interprets strokes in the order you wrote them. If you add strokes in an older part of the note, you may encounter problems when trying to convert the strokes into text
  • OneNote segments strokes according to an unknown algorithm - if you have a dense handwriting, it may interpret blanks between your words as columns. Vice versa, if you spread your letters too much, OneNote will recognize letters as separate words. I suspect that OneNote normally keeps timing information in addition to the strokes, which the Edge does not, but I haven't found a workaround yet. Just try to write neat and clean
  • One issue that I constantly come across is that OneNote interprets the first letter in a journal note as a bulletpoint - no idea why, any comments very welcome.

Change history

v0.6 (in progress, status notes)
  • automatic handwriting conversion
  • now navigates also to pages in OneNote
  • show full onenote hierarchy in "partnerships" view

Minor fix from v0.5:
  • edge journal list now shows size and modified date
  • the list is sortable (by name, date, size)
  • and it shows folder names as groups (can be switched off in preferences)

  • complete new user interface
  • maintain partnerships between selected Edge journals and OneNote sections
  • partnership status information
  • virtual names for partnerships
  • full control over how to interpret strokes & content (placement, zoom)
  • different modes of conversion depending on destination "type" (notebook, section, page etc.)
  • read & use tab names
  • better preview of Edge journals
  • update check

  • read strokes' width and colour now
  • maintain list of "typical sources"
  • reworked graphical user interface
  • documented and structured the code

  • convert multiple pages at once
  • add new pages in OneNote

  • read .esj or .xml file
  • add esj pages to selected OneNote pages

Planned Work

  • Create "unsorted notes" pages if no destination selected
  • Try to get rid of the access error exception
  • Convert OneNote strokes to esj
  • Add an option to import strokes as handwriting (note: decreases recognition quality)
  • include subfolders & allow for hiding folders (just show files)

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