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Frequently Asked Questions

Make a OneNote 2010 notebook 2007 compatible

Due to compatibility reasons, EdgeSync requires you to sync only with notebooks that are compatible with OneNote 2007. To make your OneNote 2010 notebooks 2007 compatible, please select the properties of the according notebook (right click, select properties) and click on "Convert to 2007". In particular for handling your Edge notes, this has no impact on usability of the notebook
(for detailed instructions go here:

How to convert strokes in OneNote to (searchable) text

One of OneNote's biggest advantages is it's handwriting recognition. EdgeSync adds the journal content in a way that OneNote can convert it to text - in order to do so, follow these steps:
  1. select the strokes (in OneNote) that you want to convert
  2. right-click on them and select "Treat Selected Ink As > Handwriting"
  3. one OneNote finished conversion, select the box with your handwriting
  4. right-click on it and choose "Convert Ink > Ink to Text" et voila

How to (dis)connect the Edge and the PC

Connect your PC and Edge using a standard USB to mini USB cable. Once connected your Edge will show a "USB connected" symbol in the status bar - open the notification area and select the USB symbol to share files. Select "mount" to make the Edge visible to your PC - this is the moment, Windows (and hence EdgeSync) becomes aware of your Edge. If you mount it the first time, Windows will have to install the drivers first, so be patient.
Android may be a bit sensitive to USB removal, also in order to ensure that your files are not damaged, you should disconnect the USB prior to removing the cable. To do so, select the USB symbol from your Edge notification bar and select "unmount". After that, go to your Windows Explorer, select the Edge with a right-click and choose "eject" or "safely remove" from the context menu. It is generally safe, to skip the "unmount" step on Android, though.

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