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You can change the behaviour of EdgeSync by clicking on the "Preferences" menu entry on the Main window. This opens a new window with different options:

Changing the list of folders monitored for Edge Journals

EdgeSync automatically monitors selected folders for Edge Journal files (.esj) to give you a quick overview over existing files. To view and change the list of folders, select "folders" from the tabs in the preferences dialog:


EdgeSync will automatically detect your Edge device, when it is connected. This will be represented as "EDGE" in the list of watched folders.

By default, the main window displays all these files in the Edge Journal view, even if they are not (yet) in a dedicated partnership with OneNote, so that you can easily create new partnerships (see Synchronisation). You can hide (or unhide) the unpartnered files by checking (respectively unchecking) the "hide unavailable partnerships" checkbox. This is recommendable once you created all the partnerships you want to actually maintain, but have a large list of journals that should not be synchronised.

In order to add a new folder to be watched (e.g. a USB stick), click on the "Add" button and select the according folder from the dialog box. Similarly, to remove a folder, just select it and click the "Remove" button.

Changing the way strokes are converted



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