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Managing partnerships

"Partnerships" in EdgeSync refer to the relationship between an Edge Journal and a specific location (notebook / section / page) in OneNote. One such a partnership has been established, the according Journal will always be synchronised with its respective counterpart in OneNote, thereby overwriting all previous entries. With every synchronisation, OneNote is thus updated to reflect the state on the Edge. Notably, if no changes occured, the OneNote section will not be altered.

The current version only allows one way synchronisation, i.e. from Edge to OneNote. Therefore, only the modification date of the Edge journal is of interest for EdgeSync.

Creating partnerships

Renaming partnerships

Once a Edge journal file is in a partnership, it can be given a virtual "speaking" name. This name only reflects the partnership and does not have any effect on the file itself. You will notice that, when paired to the Edge, the filenames of the journal entries do not reflect the names you gave your journals on the Edge - this is due to the fact that the Edge stores the actual names in a system database and passes unique ids for filenames. Unfortunately, version 0.5 of EdgeSync can not access this database yet, so that there is no way of representing the name you gave to the journal ... yet.

It may be generally helpful, to open and view the journal in EdgeSync (double-click it, or right-click and select "show content") and then to rename it accordingly (right-click and select "rename") - see also Main window

Synchronising all partnerships

Different types of conversion behaviour

From version 0.5 on, EdgeSync offers you different forms of conversion, depending on the type of the OneNote destination you select. In other words, the Edge Journal entries will take different forms, depending on whether you pair them with a notebook / section group, a section or a page:

Synchronising the Edge with a OneNote notebook or section group leads to each tab in the Edge Journal being converted into a section in OneNote. If the first tab is not named, it will automatically be called "Cover"
Note that EdgeSync will completely delete all sections with the respective tabname prior to conversion, thus deleting all data that you may have added after the first sync to that section in OneNote.

If you choose a section as a destination for synchronisation, EdgeSync will create OneNote pages per tabs and OneNote subpages for all Edge journal pages that belong to that same tab.
Again, EdgeSync deletes all pages (and subpages) that have the name of an existing tab prior to conversion, thus deleting all OneNote entries in these pages that you may have added after the last sync.

Finally, if you select a single page as a destination, EdgeSync will add all Edge journal entries in a consecutive list (i.e. one underneath the other). It will automatically add your tab names in a bold and large font to differentiate the entries. Note that this is still in an experimental stage and may cause accidental overlaps.
Prior to conversion, EdgeSync will delete the complete content of the according OneNote page (if existent), so be warned that any data you may have already put on the destination page will be deleted.

Synchronising selected journals


I cannot stress it enough, since I don't want you to loose your data: EdgeSync may, depending on the setup, naming etc. completely delete the content of the OneNote destination chosen. Note that it will not affect any other content. Also, if you have a section or page not following the EdgeSync naming convention (i.e. different to any of your tabs in the Edge), your data should be safe. However, if you want to be on the save side, chose a "raw" destination or create it just for synchronisation purposes. Note also that EdgeSync, like any other synchronisation tool, will destroy previous synchronisation results, as it does not offer versioning.

I have never had any problems of accidental data loss if I kept to the above rules, i.e. I had no problems with additional sections in the destination OneNote notebook, or additional pages in the destination OneNote section. Also, a subpage or additional pages next to the destination OneNote page have always been fine. However, I have to stress that I cannot take any liability for accidental data loss caused by EdgeSync through careless usage.

Generally, I advise to create new, empty notebooks / sections / pages, just as destinations for the Edge Journals.

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